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What is it?

It is an agreement between two or more participants that are kept on a blockchain. Every contract has a list of details and conditions accepted by all parties. It is automatically performed when those conditions are met. For example, Ethereum and Bitcoin. These contracts are guaranteed by the consensus of the whole blockchain network. They cannot be changed, and there is no place for third-party interference.

They are the most convenient and safest solutions for building gaps and meeting agreements between different participants.

What do we offer?

Design and Development

The computer-based protocol requires a bug-free workflow. We integrate the most suitable solutions. We design it with customized options that will be useful in any sphere.


We are ready to check your smart contract and make it bug-free and secure.


We optimize smart contracts in advance to help customers save Ethereum gas.

The process

The development of a smart contract has several steps that ensure that the business requirements are identified and covered in the most appropriate way. Check them out:

Select the goals

The participants involved in the partnership define the specific options that should be included in their contract.

Architecture and its creation

Once the parties reach an agreement, our team will create the architecture and logic within it. It is a plan that is valid during the whole development process.

Building a contract

This stage involves selecting a blockchain and writing the smart contract code. This step also includes unit testing to find out if the contract operates according to the plan.

Audit process

The audit checks are needed to make sure the contract operates as planned and follows all security measures.

Roll out on the blockchain

The contract is deployed on the blockchain on which it will operate.

Integration of legal contracts

This step includes requirements and legal information for participants in case they fail to follow the agreement.

Complex solutions

We integrate contacts such as:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. They are needed to define the rules of the organization and hold the group’s treasury. Once the contract is live on the blockchain, no one can edit the requirements except by a vote. If anyone tries to avoid this
    framework and logic in the code, it will fail.
  • Application Logic Contracts. They allow devices to function securely and autonomously, ensuring greater automation, scalability, and cheaper transactions.

The BC team is always ready to supply you with top-notch smart contracts. We deliver reliable solutions for you and your customers with enhanced security and the ability to customize them according to your requirements.

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