about us

bc.team focuses on making blockchain-related products, which help to work more simply and productively by solving bureaucratic issues with up-to-date technologies.
Building the most advanced products yet, we continue to make our products accessible to more and more people, ultimately accelerating the cryptographic adoption and Web 3.0 around the globe.

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Our Vision

Our fundamental vision is to bring the best user experience to our clients through innovative cryptographic technologies and productive DLT services. Moreover, we at bc.team sincerely believe that qualitative products may have honest prices to let anyone be a part of a better life with innovative services.

Our Mission

These days it’s hard to believe that multilevel high-encrypted technologies can be used on the wide commercial market. We believe that real innovations and the greatest products come through passionate & hard work, that is why we do our best to build the most competitive blockchain/crypto services to reimagine the future of complex technologies.

Each of us constantly encounters new technologies and takes advantage of their benefits for a long time without noticing their exclusivity, because they are constantly being introduced into our life and make it convenient, safe and harmonious.

Our approach to creating and implementing blockchain systems is based on the most advanced technologies and software products, it takes into account international practical experience and individual requirements of clients.


Ruslan Pivnev, Founder


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