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If you’re running a blockchain project or any other IT-associated enterprise, ask yourself this question: when did you last run a comprehensive IT security audit? If you spend more than a second answering it — you’re not doing it right.

IT security audits should be conducted constantly and adjusted to the slightest alterations in your company’s IT infrastructure — and that’s what we at BC Team are ready to offer.

What is it?

An IT security audit is a comprehensive analysis of the IT security of your business. Its goal is to locate weak links in your data security systems, as well as to reveal high-risk practices and offer solutions to bolstering your overall data protection measures.

Cybersecurity audits are never limited to mere software and span all facets of your company’s data protection practices. These include data encryption, access control, security policies, anti-virus efficiency, hardening & patching, disk encryption, as well as biometric data collection and multifactor authentication.

Do you need an audit?

You absolutely need to conduct regular audits if you fall under the following categories:

  • DApp developers
  • Blockchain platforms
  • Blockchain-based startups
  • Smart contract developers

Audits should be run on schedule. More often than not, you’ll also need an unplanned IT security audit.

For example, after you’ve suffered a data breach of any size, have recently migrated a large chunk of data, had software and/or hardware upgrade or seen a segment of your IT infrastructure grow above expectations. IT audits are also called for whenever new regulations are put in place.

Why it’s necessary

The results of your latest audit are a true testament to the safety of your data protection (or a lack thereof). But running a cybersecurity audit, you will gain valuable insight allowing you to improve your:

How BC Team runs your security audit:

Audits are a lot to keep in mind — that’s why they’re best entrusted to someone with proven expertise in the field. At BC Team, we take on the full range of security assessment measures.

We take it in steps, including:

  • Defining goals: together with you, we define what areas of your IT systems will be covered and what insights are expected.
  • Defining the scope: depending on the set goals, we prepare a list of all data, assets, and information systems that need assessment.
  • Running the audit: we examine every facet of all assets and systems that need attention and identify all the weak spots and potential threats.
  • Making the best of the results: using our findings, we create a complete snapshot of your security posture as well as an improvement plan that you can use to strengthen your data protection, as well as for future audits.

We make every step interactive and provide extensive feedback on our audit findings at every turn. You can be sure you’ll get the broadest picture of the efficiency of your data security policies before and after the audit.

What an IT security audit covers:

The development of a smart contract has several steps that ensure that the business requirements are identified and covered in the most appropriate way. Check them out:

Administrative controls

We measure the efficiency of the administrative controls over your software and hardware systems.

Network security assessment

We inspect your network security principles to identify strengths & vulnerabilities. We shed light on all cybersecurity gaps and exploits.

Compliance regulations

We make sure you’re up to par with internationally recognized data security standards.

Data encryption

We evaluate your data encryption methods, as well as the efficiency of your administrative control over them.

Software & Access control

We examine your software systems to make sure all elements work in sync and are on par with compliance standards. We also test out how easy it is to gain unauthorized access to your software and expose other security flaws based on the results.

Systems still in development

Apart from the software systems in place, we run a full diagnostic of your software currently in development to ensure its highest information security upon release.

Smart contract security assessment

The thing about smart contracts is that once it’s out there, it’s out there. We help you examine every facet of your smart contract integrity and discover any weaknesses and potential loopholes. We make blockchain immutability work for you, not against you.

Internal and external security measures

We run diagnostics on both the internal and the external layers of your information security to get a 3-dimensional snapshot of its integrity.


We run mock stress and penetration tests, as well as simulated cyberattacks to safely expose all security breaches and loopholes.

Risk management & incident response

We estimate the readiness of your software systems and security policies to withstand a cyberattack, data breach, or other types of cybersecurity threats.

Applicable info

We make sure our discoveries don’t remain on your backlogs as historical data but can be used and re-used for future audits and further improvements.


We deliver reliable solutions for you and your customers according to your requirements. Contact us, and we will provide a full-scope audit!

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