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What is a decentralized application (dApp)?

A new generation of Internet — Web 3.0 — will be based on decentralized technologies. The transition to Web 3.0 will be long and gradual, but solutions based on decentralized technologies — and, above all, dApp — are entering real life right now.

Testing a blockchain application to optimize logistics processes

Tesla, an electric car manufacturer, became one of the participants in a pilot test of a blockchain application designed to accelerate the import of goods into China. The project was led by Hong Kong-based supplier of supply chain technology, CargoSmart Limited.

Human body for cryptocurrency mining

Microsoft has proposed to use the human body for cryptocurrency mining.

Some new interesting blockchain initiatives

NEM Blockchain Helps Enhance Mobile Phone Security.
Boeing uses blockchain to track and sell parts for $ 1 billion.

Advantages of blockchain and AI integration

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology is becoming more secure thanks to the secure deployment of applications in the future.

Voting platform using the Polys blockchain

The Russian company Kaspersky Lab introduced a prototype voting platform using the Polys blockchain.
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